Davido Is High On Drugs And Wants To Tarnish The Name Of Ghana By Claiming His 30,000$ Watch Was Stolen- Afia Schwarzenegger(+Video)

Controversial TV and radio personality Afia Schwarzenegger has throw shades at Nigerian singer Davido after he claimed his 30,000$ watch was stolen in Accra, Ghana.
Afia Schwarzenegger who couldn’t fathom how Davido could lose such an expensive watch questioned the authenticity of Davido’s claims on ‘The Breakfast Show’ on Schwar TV.

Afia challenged the Nigerian musician to provide evidence that his stolen watch cost 30,000$ as reported.
According to Afia Schwarzenegger, Davido is making such claims just to tarnish the image of Ghana.
“Was that insurance fraud, publicity stunt or Nigerians cannot fathom the idea that Ghana is shining? Which one is that Davido? I am asking for Ghanaians ooo…So your hand was there and you watch them to commot that thing from your hand. They didn’t steal your watch in Lagos na Ghana? A whole Nigerian man, they didn’t steal your watch in Lagos. Davido who do you want to give a job to? Was it an insurance fraud or you want to stay relevant,” she quizzed angrily.
She further added; “Everywhere you go you lose something, are you that stupid or you are on drugs? Nigerians cannot accept Ghana shining.”
Afia Schwarzenegger also argued that none of the foreign celebrities who were in Ghana during the ‘Year of Return’ lost any valuable item so Davido should quit doing drugs and start thinking straight
Watch the video below;
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