Gospel musicians, let your light shine before men

Like pastors preaching the gospel in churches and on the streets, Gospel musicians preach the gospel through their songs.
Unlike Secular musicians, gospel musicians are supposed to behave in a certain way.  Their way of dressing especially should depict followers of Christ. Gone are the days when these musicians dressed not to expose cleavages and ‘flesh’ but now, our musicians preach the gospel half naked and the lyrics of their songs are nothing to write home about.
Instead of preaching salvation and the love of God through their music, they preach something else. Their music is full of noise and people become fed up easily after listening to it a couple of times.The music sang by musicians such as Daughters of Glorious Jesus, Stella Aba Seal, Amy Newman, Mc Abraham, Rev Dr Mary Ghansah, Tagoe sisters among others have stood the test of time.
Gospel music from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s are still enjoyable even now. The messages in these songs are solid and all the elements of music are in their right proportions.
However, this is not to say that our current musicians are doing well. The likes of Obaapa Christie, Diana Antwi Hamilton, Piesie Esther, Joyce Blessing and a host of others are doing exceptionally well.Our argument is with the quality of music they churn out and their outward appearance. Other times too we look at their lifestyle in total.  Though they have a private life, listeners of gospel songs see these musicians as role models and try to copy them.
When issues of sexual promiscuity, divorce and exposure of certain parts of their bodies rake in, a different message is sent to the public.
Its high time the gospel musicians ‘let their light shine before men’ and help propagate the gospel mandate.
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