Mutombo Da Poet narrates how a ‘Year of Returnee’ tried to scam him

Mutombo the PoetPopular Ghanaian spoken word artist, Percy Osei Appiah also known as Mutombo the Poet has given a vivid account of how a total stranger tried to “rip him off” his money during the December holidays.

Mutombo who registered his displeasure on Twitter about the incident described as childish and embarrassing the lady’s behavior towards him during and after he voluntarily picked her up from the airport, bought her food, provisions and also provided a roof over her head.

“One day I will tell u all a story of how a Year of Return member tried to run away with my money. But this is Accra, my city! I will never lose. Also when you have a clean/good heart...nothing will get you down! I have not been myself for days and it’s not because of the money... “We get out of the airport, she tells me she needs anti-malarial pills, mosquito repellant, and soap*. So I drive her to the pharmacy at the airport shell. She tells me she’s not got cedis, and I use my money to buy and she said she will give me my money back the next day! I’m calm! Total = 320ghc! And note, I have told everybody who knows about this - I was down for days not because of the money. Far from that! I was down and pissed for days because I was genuinely helping. One day, it would be me and I know how the world works. After pharmacy, she said she was hungry and needed a hotel. She asked for the price of Kempinski and I straight told her that “you can’t pay!” After going to 2 hotels, we finally get a hotel I pay 200ghc. Went to get her food, dropped her back in the hotel and I left” he wrote.

That was not the end, as disappointed Mutombo detailed further how the “ungrateful” lady blocked him on all social media platforms after he demanded payment for all the special treats, per the initial agreement they had.

“The next day I DMed her to ask for my cash and she told me something like she has decided to decline my request to pay me back the money because I decided to help/hospitable. God, then my stomach! My heart was just beating. I went red! I have attached two snapshots. After her last DM in that she blocked me!! Guys no joke! I don’t believe in prayers but I went on my knees & prayed to Jesus Christ of Nazareth! I was shaking. My wife even asked if I was fine on that day. Knowing her, if I told her that I’ve been scammed she’ll tell me to let go. Guys, I was blocked for being genuinely nice to someone! How?! Total block! See I have been stranded in Toronto before. I took the wrong train because I had no internet and traveled for like 3 hours on a train. Strangers help me get back home. What goes around should come round," he sorrowfully wrote.

In the quest to find the lady at all cost, the poet later devised a plan with his friend in which they posed as owners of a clothing outlet in need of her services for a commercial photoshoot, which she, on the other hand, fell for.

“After 3-4 days of trying to get her, we devised a plan. I let my friend DM her with his style/design IG page to tell her he needs someone like her for a video shoot and the payment was $100-120. She got excited and DMed back for more details. I still wasn’t sure if this would work. Then she asked to talk to my friend on FaceTime for more details. I have my friends’ photo on my IG so I made him give this girl another friend’s number. Who acted as the production assistant. I trust the guy a lot! I have known him from kiddie times. They finally got on FaceTime. We sent her the treatment and she is down to do it. Venue for the video shoot was Trade Fair! Still wasn’t sure she was going to make it! But my homies said I should be calm, this move will work! Fingers crossed! Then she called saying she was 3 mins away! I laughed but I didn’t want to show my excitement. The guys I were with can tease you endlessly if you slack. So we get to trade fair, I drop my friends’ park at the gate and informed the security what we were up to,” He narrated.

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