Orientation and Departure Organised for Christian Pilgrims to Israel

Story by Carlos Afanou

The Minister of Chieftaincy of Religious Affairs, Honorable Kofi Dzamesi has expressed Joy at a move by the One People Travel Agency to organise a Pilgrimage to the State of Isreal.
According to him, Governments before the current one has made several attempts to organise similar Christian Pilgrimage but has been unsuccessful with their plans.
He attributed the success of this trip to the to the strategy of starting small and expanding in the latter years.
His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo President of The Republic of Ghana upon assumption of office as President decided to add Religious Affairs to the Chieftaincy Ministry so that they can tackle the issue of Religious relevance, a Ministry the Travel Agency spearheading the pilgrimage has commended for their support.

According to Mr. Victor Satuh, Head of Business at One People Travel Agency, the company in 2017 sent over 200 pilgrims to Israel, the number increased to 400 in 2018, in 2019 the pilgrims were 500 and 2020, the company is looking forward to about 700 pilgrims going to Israel. The Pilgrimages according to Mr. Satuh has not been advertised because they expect everyone to go and return peacefully.
“For that matter in the ministry have set up a planing committee and screening committee because it doesn’t matter who you are, you need to go according to the law”, he stated.
He also expressed Joy about the success of previous pilgrimages stating that everybody that they have sent to Israel since 2017 has gone and come back safely.
He continued by saying that if anyone try to run away after arriving there it will be arrested by the Israeling police and jail because this not private Pilgrimage but Government to Government.
He said they look forward to making Christian Pilgrimage better than the Hajj Project that’s why he spoke to the Aviation Minister to get space for them to garder themselves before leaving.
The Minister also wished pilgrims a safe journey adding that “Israel is a beautiful place and people are nice to each other and we are nice people too, so go make Ghana Proud”.

In an interview with the Minister, he said the Ministry has taken all the necessary steps to ensure that, the people who are going should go and come back not to go there and take Israel as a business place.
He said on the 29th February another 50 will also go and in May, they are expecting 200people to go and another 200 in August.
He continued by saying that normally these peoples that are going are normally 250people but through the screening and a lot of background investigation, they took 47 that means a lot of consideration is taken by all the authorities before they granted you a Visa.
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