Story by Carlos Afanou

The sudden outburst of the Corona Virus has become very disturbing,
especially in Ghana. The numbers keep increasing on daily basis and the
report of a 29 year old has become more alarming for UNYA GHANA. The youth
are the future leaders and this calls for an all onboard situation.

Ghana as a country does not have the right systems and structures in place to
carry out a total lockdown like other advanced countries if we allow the spread
to escalate. The time to act is now!

A recent research from the National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, UCLA and Princeton University found the virus was
detectable in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper and up
to 24 hours on cardboard. COVID-19 can also last up to three days on plastic
and stainless steel, the scientists concluded.
We therefore recommend the following measures in addition to the current
measures being observed as a nation:

  1. We as a country should undertake a partial lockdown for both Accra and
    Kumasi which are now becoming the epicenters of Covid-19 in Ghana
    here with immediate effect. This will minimize the spread to other
    regions of the country for easy containment and for public health safety.
  2. The lockdown in these two cities should include but not limited to
    (Ending all public transport operations, shutdown of supermarkets,
    malls, and markets, no movement into or out of those cities etc) limited
    movements and ban on all group activities in those cities.
  3. Immediately commission all completed but abandoned health facilities
    within the country for use.
  4. Adequately provide and equip the health professionals across the country
    especially Nurses and Doctors with all the needed PPEs, other materials
    and encouragement to best position them in the Covid-19 fight at all
    health facilities. This should be ensured in all facilities across the country and not a selected few.
  5. Convert selected hotels into quarantine bays. Since the currently designated centers are woefully inadequate.Failure to undertake these recommended measures especially with the partial lockdown of those affected cities, the virus will decentralized, and things will get out of control even worst than what is happening in Italy. Also our municipal and district facilities are not equipped to contain the outbreak looking at the inadequate number of ventilators, oxygen cylinders, monitors, nose mask, goggles and even critical care units we have at those facilities.The United Nations Youth Association Ghana and our Mother Organization United Nations Association Ghana (U.N.A GHANA) has volunteers all over the country that are ready to volunteer for the Government to help in educating the public, and any other way possible when given the maximum protection and right resources.We conclude by encouraging all Ghanaians especially the youth to engage in safe and proper hygienic practices to remain protected from the virus.

Signed by;
Lilian Sally Addo
Country Head
United Nations Youth Association Ghana(U.N.Y.A. GH.)0203400223
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