Act now or Be desolved immediately . Chief To MGSP

The Ministry of Gender and Social Protection (MGSP) or Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection

MGSP Must be an Independent Organization which should be supervised  by Religious leaders and not politicians .

Speaking in an exclusive interview, the Chief of Oblieman Dodoo and acting Paramount Chief  of Abola Piam We of the Ga state, Nii Oyanka I, reiterated to the fact that the ministry of gender social protection must act now or better still  completely dissolved to pave  way for better organization that  can oversee to the challenges of poor and helpless parents who have been affected by school closures and other related activities endangering our youth.

 He emphasizes that the religious leaders, churches and individuals has done better to the society by providing help during this pandemic moment .

In an epic moment like this is a time  MGSP to prove that their office is not useless but rather ready to serve the vulnerable. 

Nii Oyanka I appeal to government developed a call center that vulnerable and aged can called their emergency numbers for food and help.

It pains that during the lockdown all their  phones were never answered for which he described as wreak mess. 

"We have  Read and seen stories of young children in their teen ages been totally helpless doing one thing or the other during this pandemic moment" he lamented.

Many of this Young once have been turn into sex tools by some good for nothing men who only think about self satisfaction . 

He pointed out that many of these vulnerables are drop out students and few are now taking classes as well as socializing more online.

Spending more time on virtual platforms that  can leave them vulnerable to online sexual exploitation and grooming.

This is a time where Politics has to wait first,  for us all to come together in good faith to fight the Invisible Enemy. 

Nii Oyanka I, was in a view that politician's should take notice that  they are the present and not the future . 

He noted that every politician is probably above 40 yrs old in this country and should know that The Youth is the Future and not just for Ghana but Africa as whole .

This so called Ministries for a long time have really low understanding of what their Jobs and Responsibilities are.   Who reports the challenges of local communities to them?  How much education do the give to single, motherless, fatherless, vagabond children.?  What is the ministry doing about parents who have no jobs , no rooms , living in containers or kiosk yet giving birth every year ?  Are this results in so many young kids and children scattered all over the streets. 

"What necessary measures is the Gender ministry taking to stop this epic movement?, he ask.

According to him, analysis and investigation and research proves that Our Youth and female children between 12 to 15 years are already been exposed to sex .

 He stressed that many of this is due to lack of proper planning or infrastructure development and education and also strict measures which hasn't been taken by the Ministry of MGSP.
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