COVID-19:Hon David Anorlejameh sparks aka Ayawaso Bawumia ,South Dzorwulu Assembly member, Assistant Secretary to the NPP Ayawaso distributes to Dzorwulu Community

Story by Carlos Afanou

Honorable David Anorlejameh, Assembly Member for South Dzorwulu, A.K.A Ayawaso Bawumia cautioned Ghanaians to follow the rules regarding the fight against COVID-19, stressing on the need to wear the nose mask, to wash hands regularly, and to practise the social distancing. He lamented on the difficulties in tracing contacts especially when an infected person mingles with people he does not know; therefore, the need for everyone to be careful. Again, he commended offices and shops on their adherence to the use of the Veronica buckets to help fight the disease.

Honourable David Anorlejameh disagreed with the rumour that COVID-19 is disease for the poor. He claimed that COVID-19 does not know the poor or the rich. It can attack anyone no matter the status, therefore we all need to be careful in order not to get infected.

Speaking on what he has done for the people of South Dzorwulu, he said that he has enforced the president's directives on free water for every Ghanaian and so his people are now enjoying free water without issues. Again he has shared 3400 packs of cooked food, 70 bags of 5kg of uncooked rice and oil,  25 crates of eggs and also Veronica buckets to needy people in his area. He has also intervened and sought pardon for the people in his area who broke the rules and were caught up with the police.

On the issue of the Electoral Commission, he said that Sam George, just any other Ghanaian, has the right to speak their mind on issues but not to the extent of politicizing it. According to him, the EC is an independent body and so does not take dictates from any political party even though they sometimes consult all political parties on certain initiatives. The EC is autonomous, however, whatever they decide to do they the NPP will support them to accomplish it for the good of the country.

He concluded that he has done a lot for his people at Dzorwulu as an assembly man. According to him, many people think that assembly men receive huge salaries and so have a lot of money, making them to demand for money when they meet them but that's not the case. Assembly men are not paid and so there is the need for people to support their assembly men to help them work effectively. Whether or not there would be an election is a decision that lies in the hands of the EC. He is not in the position to say anything about elections but we are yet to find out from the EC, he said.
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