Story by Afanou Carlos

The Assembly Member and Assistant Secretary to the Ayawaso NPP branch, Honourable David Anorlejameh Sparks, has clarified the reasons and necessities that prompted His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo to lift the lockdown, based on allegations being raised against the president by opposition parties.

According to him, the president lifted the lockdown upon the counsel of seasoned doctors from Nuguchi Scientific Research Center and other stake holders involved in the fight against COVID-19. The initiative by the president has helped Ghanaians to get back to their daily activities to earn income but unfortunately the move is being politicized by some Ghanaians.

He said that playing politics at this time is not necessary, and that the most important rule to fight COVID-19 is for everyone to wash their hands and put on their nose mask. He explained further that, worldwide, there is no standard measure for fighting the virus. However, upon which standard would one stand on to criticize the lifting of the lockdown by the president. If anyone would discredit the data the president based on to lift the ban, then such fellow is shallow in knowledge since there is no hundred percent accuracy in data analysis.

Honourable David Anorlejameh Sparks stated emphatically that it is a known fact that intellectually the opposition NDC are low and so their allegations are baseless. He explained how helpful the lifting has been to Ghanaians since people could have died of hunger. If the lockdown had continued, people would have broken into other people's provision shops to steal food for survival. He shared over three thousand packages of food to the people in his area but was still not enough for them.

In furtherance, the president considered security issues and the safety of Ghanaians, as continuous lockdown could have affected the area of security in the country. Therefore it was out of good leadership and a bold step the president took to lift the lockdown; making him gain commendation from the Times in the USA. He cautioned the NDC not to play politics with the issue since they have little knowledge on the issue at hand. If they had any offer to  support Ghanaians they should have consulted the government and the stakeholders involved in the COVID-19 fight for a better arrangement. He condemned former president John Dramani Mahamah's move of sharing food to certain peculiar people with the motive of winning their vote.
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