Let's Respect Directives to avoid the spread of COVID-19 – Dr. Gyateh Annobil

Story by Carlos Afanou

The CEO of Mansowa Herbal Clinic, Dr. Gyateh Annobil has embarrassed the Government especially President Nana Akufo Addo for his actions to deal with COVID-19, pendemic that has claimed many life's across the world and put several others into economic difficulties times.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the media at the clinic in Accra, he mentioned that the closure of the country’s borders was a step in the right direction as most of the infected persons were people who had returned from Europe and neighbouring countries carrying the virus without any knowledge about it.

The Government and it’s stakeholders such as the ministry of Health, Ghana Health service, the security agencies have all done well in this fight. They have clearly shown that they are thinking about the citizens, We should therefore corporate with all the directives to assist the President fight this deadly pandemic.”

Dr. Annobil said that apart from efforts made by Government to help avoid the spread of COVID-19 in the country, all ghanaians should also endeavour to observe all the protocols such as washing of hands with soap, nose masking, sanitising of hands and avoiding crowds.

“Need to equally do our part as concerned citizens who are fighting a crisis, if we do not adhere to all these directives put in place by Government, there is no way we can fight this pandemic and win, we need to cooperate with the authorities of state as the disease is not a respector of status, race, religion. sex amongst others.” he added

He also advised religious bodies to use their platforms to educate  members on COVID-19 and the implications of defying these directives in a world that is plunged into economic difficulties due to the deadly disease.

When asked what herbal drug manufacturers like Mansowa were doing to support the Government in finding some form of treatment for persons who are infected with COVID-19, Dr. Gyateh said although there are no known medication for the treatment of patients, other drugs were available at his clinic to boost people’s immune system against various forms of diseases.

He further lauded Government engagement with stakeholders in the Herbal and plants industry aimed at finding possible treatment to cure the deadly disease.
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