Rolly Panda roars at coronavirus with 'Aunty Coro'

The global pandemic has disrupted every economic activity around the globe. As part of measures to help educate the world on the virus, afrobeat artiste, Rolly Panda has joined the fight against corona virus with his latest song.

The song, titled “Aunty Coro", captures the attention of any listener for the first time.

The lyrics, interlaced over a carefully selected instrumentation, gives the song the power to influence hygienic behavioural changes.

He made mention of how dangerous and fast the virus is spreading as such advices Ghanaians and the rest of the world to adhere to the World Health Organization's approved preventive measures. Notable among these measures include washing hands under running water with soap, use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, social distancing, not touching your M.E.N i.e Mouth, Eyes and Nose).

As the first song to champion this course, its video is enjoying heavy airplay on almost all the major television stations in the country and it is in the trends on social media. Consumers are enthused with the message in the song due to its impact in mitigating the spread of covid-19.

When asked why “Autie Coro“? Rolly Panda said, “ after a careful cogitation, I wanted a catchy title that can grab people’s attention while educating and I am glad it is impacting lives around the globe".

Also, Rolly Panda explained “ as a musician my responsibility is to entertain, inform and educate therefore this is one of the avenues I employ to create awareness and save lives. If we do not create awareness who will be alive to dance to our music?" he quizzed.

In addition to this, the sensational musician stated most of his songs address social issues making them music for social development.

The Domedo hit maker acknowledged the effort of the government, the frontline health workers and Ghanaians for obeying the president's directives and urged other musicians to join the campaign.

Other songs by him include Loving U, Basabasa, Domedo among others.
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