Sallam alaikum warahmatullah to all Muslims around the World

On behalf of the Greater Accra Zabarma Chief and President of Ghana Zabarma Association, Alhaji Pro-Umar Abubakar Tanko has the pleasure to wish his Cabinet Members and the General Executive of the Association a happy Ramadan Mubarak.

It is my pleasure to once again wish Muslims around the World Ramadan Mubarak

As we fast, we should be reminded of our ultimate goal of getting closer to Allah.

We should be reflective and believe our ibadat would be accepted. Each and everyone of us should endeavor to seek the favour of Allah by helping someone in need.

 The Prophet in his days spent on the poor and the needy during Ramadan; therefore I am appealing to fellow Muslims in Ghana and around the World to follow the good examples of the Holy Prophet.

This is a blessed month, don't always be at the receiving end but rather a giver. Give now even if it’s a piece of Date, for tomorrow might be a day late.

Fasting is not just about staying hungry or thirsty, but an avenue to strive for inner purification and self-accountability as well as inculcate righteousness and discipline life

Once again Ramadan Kareem.

May Allah bless us all.

Long live Ghana Zabarma Association.

Long live Faadan Zabarma Na Greater Accra


 Muniratu Mahmoud

Jakadiya Zabarma Of Greater Accra

Contact: 0244157220

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