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The world is still in agony as the deadly and widespread disease ever to cause the activities of mankind to grind to a halt, the Corona Virus nicknamed CONVID-19, continually disintegrate the thoughts of many, while doctors are trying their possible best to care for the infected people and also working hard to fine a vaccine for the disease.

But as all this pandemonium about the disease is taking root in all media discussions with all nations seems to be in a lockdown, Pastor Jeremiah Demadi Tito Dordzro, known on the pulpit as Pastor Tito was of the view that the greatest pandemic which has ever happened in the history of the people of the Volta Region of Ghana; which is happening in the region and will continue without a fail if nothing is done to curtail it, is the presence of the National Democratic Party (NDC) in the region.

The preacher further discussed that, it is a fact that the NDC as a party has it's stronghold in the region but have a few to boast off when it comes to matters of development in terms of infrustracture, economic and educationally.

According to the man of God, unlike the Ashanti and the Eastern Region that are receiving massive support from the government in terms of roads, markets, schools, hospitals and also the evenly distribution of factories under the widely acclaimed On-District-One-Factory (1D1F), in these regions and other akan speaking regions neglecting the Volta Region shows how the NDC did not help the people of the region, who since time in memorial, at the inspection of the Forth Republic, have been committed to continually voting for the NDC.

Most of the roads in the region are nothing to write home about but it's their government that has the longest rule since 1979. Markets, Hospitals, Schools and above all companies and factories to serve as workplaces for those who managed and school themselves to get
jobs is also lacking.

"sometimes I ask myself if really NDC ever ruled Ghana, because my people can't see and feel it" were in the words of the popular servant of the Gospel of Yahweh as he laments what at all has the people of the Volta Region done to their party NDC to deserve this punishment that has mentally enslaved many people and also killing ignorantly a lot in the region.

The humble seer also call on his native people to hold the leaders of the party to be accountable to them since this will pave way for a total liberation by saying "we must do somethings about this canker. My people must ask the MP's and the leaders of the NDC to account for the past years and what they did to upgrade their status". He also call on the chiefs to unite and deliver victory to their followers.
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