Story by Carlos Afanou

Bishop Bowers School 1980 Alumni Presents Items To The School On Wednesday The 24th Day Of June 2020.

On Wednesday 24th June 2020, Bishop Bowers School, located in Accra, Ghana, received some hygiene items from the 1980 Alumni, to show their gratitude to the school authorities and also to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus in the school and Ghana at large.

Ofori Asiedu, on behalf of the class of 1980, In commemoration of our 40th anniversary upon leaving Bishop Bowers School, we present these assorted hygiene items to the school. This brief presentation depicts the times we find ourselves in, Covid-19 pandemic. It is our belief that these items will help our JHS 3 students stay safe as they return to school to sit their final exams. Our symbolic gesture of giving these items to Bishop Bowers School is a reflection of the virtues she inculcated in us. Your Motto, 'Knowledge, Love, Service' has been our guide, bringing us successfully to this 40th anniversary milestone. God bless Bishop Bowers school, God bless class of 1980 Alumni". These words were uttered by a representative of the Bishop Bowers 1980 Alumni.

Reverend Sister Matilda Quist, the headmistress of Bishop Bowers School, appreciated the old students for their kind and thoughtful gesture and said, "I am so happy for this donation, being done to the school, especially for this year group, 1980 group, they are marking their 40th anniversary and during this time, these are some of the things we really need to help our pupils and the students, and they have come to our aid. So we are very grateful for the support that they have given to the school, and we urge all the old students also to look at these things and also come to the aid of the school. Once again we are very grateful."

Happiness and joy enveloped their hearts as they all exchanged greetings and appreciation to each other.
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