Today's girls are tomorrow's women. Being born and growing up as a girl to become a responsible woman with purpose requires massive effort into guidance and nurturing. Adolescence is a slippery stage of life where young girls are likely to fall if care is not taken, because of the emotional, psychological and moral problems they face during this stage.

Many young girls as young as 15 years and below have become premature mothers with dreams shattered due to lies and deceptions they receive from negative peer groups and mentors.

Parental guidance is broad and moves beyond family lines. Teachers, pastors, mentors or role models also exert some influence on the children as they grow. This influence can be negative or positive. Children need to be influenced positively by instilling in them values that will guide them to be responsible adults with fulfilled destinies destinies.

Being inspired by the Holy Spirit, and considering the many insecurities surrounding the girl child, the man of God, Samuel Brobbey, formed the Strong Daughters' Club.

The Strong Daughters' Club is an association of enthusiastic purpose driven youthful girls who are determined to forgo the pleasures of this world, stick to the word of God, and to fight for their destinies. Its members are trained to stand out among other girls, with class and dignity.

The strong daughters hold strongly the virtues of commitment, discipline and righteousness. Their motto / slogan is "living the life of dignity and responsibility".

The vision of the strong daughters' club stands as following:
*a society of decent and responsible women

*a generation of well cultured women with proven effect on their marriages and social life.

*a generation of righteous and disciplined women with fulfilled destinies.

Due to this, it is the mission of the club to guide, teach, impart, train, organize educative programmes and to offer counseling services to its members, and to ensure proper character and conduct among girls in today's era.

The strong daughters is guided by the following values:
*respect and discipline
*hard work and commitment
*honesty and integrity
*obedience and submissiveness
*decency and uniqueness

Dear parents, you are being urged to let your girl children join the club for a brighter future. Young girls reading this article are also being encouraged to join the club.

Stakeholders, NGOs and individuals who wish to support the club or partner in reaching out to more girls in the society are warmly welcomed.

(strong daughters): living the life of dignity and responsibility!!!
Call: 0244672986 / 0272401625
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