*Magical Cassava Factory to process Coconuts in Ketu South?*
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*Magical Cassava Factory to process Coconuts in Ketu South?*

The Municipal Chief Executive of Ketu South Hon Elliott Agbenorwu and the NPP last Wenesday in their usual deceptive move organized a hasty ceremony purported to be sod cutting  for what they described as a Cassava Processing Factory under the one District one Factory for the Ketu South Municipality. This charade took place in  Akame on a five acre plot of land purchased by the Assembly in the 90s by the late Madam Jean Duwor, the then District Chief Executive under President Rawlings.

The NDC as social democrats and people centered political party would always support development that enhances the livelihoods of the people, hence, we are not in any way against the construction of a factory in Ketu South. But what we will not accept nor support is the deceptive move by the MCE and the NPP. 

To expose their deceit, the site for the supposed Factory was not cleared even as at the time of the ceremony. Secondly, no single representative from the 1D1F Secretariat was present at the sod cutting,  and interestingly the paramount chief and other stakeholders were not invited to the shambolic sod cutting ceremony.

Unfortunately, at the sod cutting, key members of the NPP including the Municipal Chief Executive inadvertently exposed their hidden agenda by indicating that the factories were brought to some selected constituencies in the Volta region to assist the  NPP win some targeted parliamentary seats such as Ketu South, Ketu North and Hohoe constituencies.

We find it ridiculous that the MCE who distributed coconut seedlings with our tax payers money barely a year ago for the purposes of producing coconuts on a large scale to feed their cosmetic oil factory under the same 1D1F agenda is  yet to demonstrate the fields on which the coconut seedlings were planted let alone, the first mililitre of coconut oil. 

Who plants Coconut and harvests Cassava?

Without any viable arrangements for access to raw materials, the MCE indicated the factory will be ready to start operations between four to six months. What a joke?

As active citizens, we demand immediate answers from the MCE and the NPP to the following questions:

1. How far is the Coconut Project- when shall we meet you on the Ketu South Coconut plantations?

2. What meaningful factory is constructed between four and six months if not a scam?

3. Is the Cassava Processing Factory fully government owned or a public-private partnership creation under the guise of the failed 1D1F Program?

4.  What is the source of funding for the factory?

5. How many direct and indirect jobs is the factory going to create.

Until we found any compelling evidence not to doubt a potential reality of the Cassava Processing Factory, we have enough evidence to conclude that:

1. The supposed factory is  a deception, indeed, another scam on the people of Ketu South. It is ridiculous for a government that has nothing to show for the whole three and half years in the Municipality to be cutting sod, five months to a crucial election.

2. This is nothing but a face saving  political  exercise  to gain cheap political points, but  the people of Ketu South will not fall for such deceit this time. They are wide awake!

3. The people are tired and fed up with the NPP government and nothing including any last minute move such as sod cutting ceremony will stop them from voting out Akuffo-Addo.

We hereby urge all peace loving Ghanaians, including you to vote out Nana Addo and his NPP on December 7, 2020.

Whatever they do, we know that John Dramani Mahama and Dzifa Gomashie  will surely win to continue the better Ghana agenda.

Issued by

Bright Dzila
Ketu south constituency communication officer

*Keep the fire burning!!!!!!*

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