Today ,we shall share with you our observation on the just -ended  Parliamentary primaries of the NPP which look place over the weekend and which was characterized by obsce violence,and unprecedented levels of vote-buying and showboating .

As you may be aware ,the entire primaries was conducted in an environment where those who could afford the biggest pecuniary ,carried the day. Huge amounts of money some cases,GHC 6.000, GHC 5,000, GHC 3,000 exchanged hands in the full glare of the media, who material gifts such as refrigerators ,flat screen TV , motorbikes , tricycles and other valuable we're distracted to bribe and induce party delegates .

How a party , which few years ago, toured the world with a cup in hand begging for money ,can afford this level of ostentation three and half years after coming into office ,speaks volumes of the enden  corruption and thievery that has engulfed the President Akufo - Addo government .

Another disturbing feature of the NPP 's  parliamentary primaries was violence, which look center throughout the country. Some contestants unleashed hoodlums belonging to the mumerous "vigilan groups affiliated to the NPP against their opponents .

we also saw the use of state security to bully brutalize opponents and in some areas, party members engaged in free -for-all exchange of blows  confirmation of the violent reputation that the NPP has become known for under the leadership president Akufo-Addo .it is this same culture of violence,thuggery and lawlessness , that led to unlawful , callous and senseless demolishing and destruction of properties belonging the Nigerian High Commission in Accra this weekend ,in violation of international law.

Even more bizarre and worrying , we're reports of how social distancing wearing of face masks and other critical COVID-19 preventive protocol we're defied and thrown to the dogs,as delegates congregated in their hundreds , mingled and interested , including wild jubilation, in the full glare of the Police.

It is sad ,cruel and reprehensible for president Akufo-Addo who promulgated the law ( E.I 64), which has led to the arrest , prosecution and imprisonment of Pastors other Ghanaian , to turn around and supervise the flagrant violation of the same law by his party officials and members with impunity as we saw on display during the parliamentary primaries.

This is unacceptable and abominable , particularly at a time  church and mosque  gatherings have been restricted to a maximum 100 attendees and being subjected to all manner of degrading and inhumane treatment.

The recklessness and lawlessness displayed by the NPP during their just ended  parliamentary primaries ,coupled with the selective application of the law on COVID-19 preventive protocol by our law enforcement agencies,make the impression of Pastors and Ghanaian who were convinced for breaching public gathering restrictions under E.I 64 , totally unjustifiable.

Action they say , speak louder than words .the flagrant violation of COVID-19 precautionary  protocols provide under E.I 64 by officials and members of the NPP and the president's tacit approval of some ,make nonsense of our collective fight against the dreaded coronavirus pandemic and show's that president Akufo-Addo and the NPP are not committed to Ghana's COVID-19 fight .

 As we also know the results that emerged out of the NPP 's primaries where as many as over 40 incumbent MP'S lost their seats ,reflects the dissatisfaction of NPP supporters and Ghanaian at large , with the abysmal performance of the Akufo-Addo gov't .

In all over 40 incumbent MPs, including eleven (11), parliamentary select committee chairmen,four (4) parliamentary select committee Vice chairmen ,two (2) Regional Minister's ,one minister of state and three Deputy ministers of state,lost their seats.

The defeat of so many incumbents , especially those in Parliamentary leadership , show's that the NPP delegates voted for change and passed an overwhelming vote of no confident in their own government .

Our checks have revealed that many first time MPs a lost  their seats  because no developmental projects hv been undertaken in their constituencies in the last three half  years .

This is a clear indication that even NPP supporters are generally unhappy with the abysmal performance of their own government ,and have invited the rest of Ghanaian to reject this no performing  nepotistic and corrupt President Akufo-Addo gov't.

It is pretty obvious,even to the uninitiated ,that but for undemocratic imposition of some 65 incumbent members of Parliament by the powers that be in the NPP ,the situation would have been worse.

As we the NDC party not surprised at the turn of events , because we have always known that president Akufo-Addo and his corrupt gov't have underperformed , having fulfilled just 14% of their 631 manifesto promises ,and are only marking time to an overwhelming rejection by the Ghanaian electorate on 7th December 2020.

Comrade Sammy Gyamfi
(National Communication Officer)
GNMC TV Facebook

Source: Koranteng Veronica (GhanaNewsDesk)
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