The National Democratic Congress in the Ketu South constituency has noticed with grave concern the increased militarization of our communities and wish to draw the government's attention to same.

Close to a week now, we woke up only to see pockets of military tents dotted all over the constituency without any prior communal engagement.

But for the incessant, mischievous and politically motivated harassment being meted out to our wives, sisters, fathers and siblings unjustifiably, the NDC in Ketu South would have considered the military presence as a normal  operation in the national interest.

Our intelligence has revealed that the   Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government in anticipation of the contentious compilation of a new register, has deployed hundreds of officers from the Ghana Immigration Sevice, Customs, Police, Military  and National Security parastatals to Aflao in the Ketu South Municipality to harass and intimidate the citizens as part of their grand effort to prevent the citizens from participating in the so-called registration.

We are also fully aware, of their vicious schemes to use these officers to intimidate our Ghanaian brothers and sisters who are resident in Togo and Benin from returning home to exercise  their civic rights.

These officers are stationed and doted within and along the border communities right from Aflao Beat Zero to Duta, down to Yame-Lente and Wudoaba are seen openly harassing, intimidating and restricting movements of our residents to the extent of even following them to their abodes without permit.

We want to assure the failed NPP government, their agents and assigns that this fruitless, but well calculated effort by the government to justify and cure the unguided and oral diarrhea of Gabby Okyere-Darko on his ill-informed statement about the number of registered voters on  the Ketu South electoral roll will not suffice.

We are fully aware that the government commenced this mischievous act last week,  by transferring and replacing known   Immigration officers with Ewe names from the Aflao and Segbe borders with other officers who can do their biddings. 

How can the government, which has been extremely incentive to the heart wrenching plights of Ketu South residents as a direct impact closing our borders suddenly  raise funds to feed officers to harass our people?

We do not understand.

We want to know if the military  has changed its core mandate of defending the country against external aggression to promoting internal security?

This seemingly abuse of our officers for political expediency will only weaken the fabric of our democracy and denigrate the hard earned reputation of our men and women  in uniform who have sworn to defend the people rather than to intimidate them.

It is so disheartening and mind boggling to see the very government that has made provision for Ghanaians leaving abroad especially those in Europe and America to exercise their civic rights and turn around to deploy officers to Aflao  just for the sole  purpose of preventing similar Ghanaian residents  in Togo,  Benin and Nigeria from coming  back home to enjoy their civic rights.

Are those Ghanaians in America and Europe more human than those in Togo, Benin, Nigeria and by extension Burkina Faso and Cote D'Ivoire?

We are by this release  calling on the media, civil society organizations, our traditional leaders and all well meaning  Ghanaians to condemn this discriminatory act in no uncertain terms.

The residents of Ketu South deserve to enjoy their freedoms and liberties enshrined in the 1992 Constitution of Ghana without the prevailing intimidation and harassment.

We urge all our residents to remain law abiding and boldly live their lawful lives and go about their lawful daily activities without fear.

We would also like to remind the deployed officers to observe and adhere strictly to their professional ethics even in the face of carrying out political instructions of the government.

Power is transient.
In conclusion, we want to assure the failed NPP government that  no amount of intimidation and harassment will frighten our people and stop them from enjoying their civic rights.

We are reminding  the government squarely of similar intimidation and   harassments we Suffered but overcame during the 2008 elections by producing the highest number of votes in the country.

We are firmly unfazed and ready to prove our numbers even in the unlikely event of  compiling a new register.

Our minds are made up and we are ready to vote out the incompetent Akufo-Addo/Bawumia government in the December 2020 elections just as the NPP delegates did recently by voting out their own incompetent MPs across the country.

What ever you do, we know John Mahama and Hon Dzifa Gomashie will win massively in the upcoming election to continue with the better Ghana agenda.

Issued by

Bright Dzila
Ketu South communication officer
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