The GA State of AKWESHI MATSE  and the AKWESHISTE  of Asere division organized trip to visit all the local areas of Asere stool land.

   This were some of the sub_ areas Nii AKWATEY visit namely OFANKOR BARRIER, OPAH, TATRA HILL, KOTOKU etc.

    According to his speech he said, there is a saying that "ASERENTIGA   GAGI ASERE" meaning Asere is Ga And Ga is Asere, if u deal with Asere u deal with the holy Ga.

 He declare's that he now got about fourth five town's and small small villages so what they are now doing is to pay visit to all their territories one after the other because when you have many children and they are located else where, you have to visit them to see what is happening there and how they are keeping the place and if there is any problems, he can go back sit with the panel elders to figure out possible solution to that.

   This is what they have been doing and it just a start. Last week they visited about three town's    and they are capable to do that today too, and it will continue till they covered all their territories. Because of  covid19 pandemic they have limited Soo many things that they do during Homowo for that matter he can't say it will continue  annually or not and nobody espected this covid19.

This Saturdays week the Asafoakye and Lantey Gyan will  cerebrate their Homowo festival and they will make sure to observe all necessary protocol under the covid19 which have been authorizes.

    He continues to say that, every Ghanaian to know, Asere is a division so they don't play polities right but they only tell people to obey the civil responsibilities and vote for any party appeal to them but they shouldn't play party policy.

    He finally appeal  to all Ghanaian's that, we are in election year so they should exercise their granted but they shouldn't let politics divide them, after all we are Ghanaian's first before practice.

Writing by

Veronica koranteng
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