Story by Patience Kudemor

As part of activities marking their 16th anniversary celebration, Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre embarked on 100 pins of blood bank campaign from 29th June to 3rd July 2020 on Saturday, 11th July, 2020 to support the National Blood Bank.

Mrs. Afua Dadzie, the Business Development Manager of Lister Hospital, in an interview with the media, explained that Lister Hospital turned 16th on 1st July and in commemoration of their anniversary, they decided to give back to the community by embarking on 100pints of blood donation campaign to support the Ghana National Blood Bank.

Previously, the Blood Blank had it main sourcing from from groups like churches, schools, alumni groups and corporate institutions who organized their people to be bled to replenish the Blood Bank. All these activities came to halt around March due to restrictions that were planning against the social gatherings as a result of the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though these restrictions have been eased, voluntary donors are still not going forward to donate blood because of the fear of contracting COVID-19. This has left the National Blood Bank in crisis.

Lister Hospital, with the support of the National Blood service took the challenge and created a very safe environment for people to donate. All necessary precautionary measures were put in place to protect both the donors and all the healthcare professionals involved. There was through sanitation before and after each person was bled. Every blood donor went through the COVID-19 screening and other necessary checks to ensure their legibility to donate.

Mr. Bright Semanu Attah, a blood donor expressed how fulfilled he felt after donating. When one donates, it safe three lives.  Though we may not know the lives it saves. It could be our very own, he said.
After sis days of bleeding, a total of 101 pints  of blood where collected which surpassed the target that was set for the campaign. Mrs. Afua Dadzie expressed gratitude to all voluntary  donors for their life saving gift, describing them as heroes. She also urged the general public and other corporate institutions to support the National Blood Bank by donating blood to save lives.

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