Story by Carlos Afanou

Mr. George Dosoo Doyen, the executive director of the Doyen Institute of Intelligence and Investigations, during a graduation ceremony for Private Professional Investigators trained by the institute, advised people who deal in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) business to be careful of fraudsters considering the high demand of the commodity.

According to him, most of these fraudsters place advertisements on the social media and if anyone contacts them to make a purchase, they ask the client to make an advance payment. Sometimes they demand for half payment before delivering the goods.

In an example, Mr Doyen sited a lady in Tamale who wanted to sell PPE and upon chancing on an advertisement on the social media, contacted the supposed manufacturer of the items and made half payment, but ended up being defrauded thousands of cedis.

In view of that, Mr. Doyen advised individuals and business owners interested in trading in PPE to avoid making advance payment, but should receive the goods before making payment.

Again, he also cautioned individuals to avoid taking cheques for payment as the fraudsters often issue dud cheques to their clients or victims.

In furtherance, he advised the graduands to maintain high integrity, professionalism and exercise diligence in their work.

"In this profession, trust is very important and so you should be trustworthy and maintain high integrity, professionalism and be time conscious," Mr Doyen advised.

He asked them to desist from taking money to entrap innocent persons, saying, "if you take money to entrap people because you want quick result, it will ruin your career and also affect your integrity".

In his presentation on "the role of security professionals during COVID-19", Mr Richard Kumadoe, a Fraud and Security Consultant urged the graduands to offer strategic counselling to their clients.

He said: "Businesses, individuals, communities and countries will employ your services, therefore, you should give them strategic advice to ensure their safety. You dare not fail them".

Also, Mr Maxwell Caleb Nortey-Newman, a Certified Fraud Examiner and Forensic Investigation Professional, advised the graduands to abide by the Code of Ethics of the profession and live morally upright life, in order to engender public trust.

He added, "The security industry is a slippery ground and you'll encounter lots of challenges, but you should maintain high integrity and professionalism".

The following are the courses run by the Institute; Private Professional Investigation, Organised Crime Investigations, Analyst Intelligence Officer, Money Laundering Investigations, Financial Investigations and Corporate Investigations.
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