Story by Carlos Afanou

On July 9 2020, a special ward, named Forencil Ward, was commissioned at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital by Dr. Kwame Addo Kuffour at the premises of the hospital in Accra.

Addressing the Medical Director, Dr. Pinaman Apply, the Chief Executive of mental health authority, Dr. Akwasi Osei, the members of the hospital management committee, and the media, Dr. Kuffour complained about the location of the hospital, adding that its current location at the heart of the metropolis is a very busy traffic intersection. "When the Accra Psychiatric Hospital was commissioned at this present location in 1906, to borrow of a famous Ghanaian statesman, 'you and I were not there'. But definitely, Accra was not the Accra you and I see today", he said.

He added that apart from its unsuitable location, the wards, the offices, the toilets, the diagnostic centres among others are anything but modern. According to him, despite the hospital serves as the premier psychiatric facility in Ghana, the enormity of challenges facing the hospital budgetary supports,  staff resources and management effectiveness cannot be over emphasized.

Dr. Addo Kuffour said, "I know the government of Ghana does its best to provide the budgetary support for the hospital. I am also aware that some corporate bodies, religious organizations and some men and women of goodwill also from time to time donate items such as clothes, toiletries, mattresses, bedsheets and food. Some organizations and individual benefactors also adopt the wards and rehabilitate them.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is for such a reason that we are gathered here this morning. I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to Dr. Akwasi Osei and the hospital management committee honouring me with the plaque we have just unveiled".

He continued that, in spite of the noble effort of the benefactors already discussed, the Accra psychiatric hospital was in a miserable state and there was the need to for its relocation a serene peri urban environment. There was a need for a new 300 or 400 bed facility to be built in the medium term for the benefit of the nation.

In furtherance, "Knowing the current COVID-19 economic situation the government faces, I should not have made such a suggestion but a positive opportunity which seeks to support the new project, if it finds favour in the opinion of the health minister and the government, is the prime land on which the Accra psychiatric hospital is located.

It is estimated that the 12+ acre land is worth a minimum of 25 million US dollars or above which is Ghc150 million. This amount, with the support of government, can go a long way to deliver patients in Ghana and also provide facility for effective training of psychiatrist at the under graduate and post graduate level".

Dr. Addo Kuffour humbly suggested his findings and suggestions to the hospital's management committee, the minister of health and the government.

In conclusion, he reminded all present of the need to observe the COVID-19 protocols so that the crusade against the pandemic could be won.
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