Story by Carlos Afanou

The Staff of La Palm Beach Hotel has on Monday, July 27, 2020 demonstrated over salary arrears and improper management of the institution.

Mr. Vincent Mensah, the Local Union Trustee, lamented that as at 27th July 2020, many arrears with regards to their investments and salaries had not been paid. Adding that, they are being owed both June and July salaries.

Again, from last year 2019, standing negotiations took place of which they have eight months salary arrears of which had not been paid as at July 27, 2020. He said MOUs had been signed for its payment but management has failed to pay.

According to him, they have investments like ASB (End of Service Benefit) and the DAS (Deposit Administration Scheme) which has not been paid since last year May, 2019. Also, SSNIT is also in arrears since last year May, 2019, though monies have been deducted for all those investments.

He cited an example, "Last year we collected the DAS, an investment we collect every three years, even though it matured in 2018. When they audited the consolidated statement, clearly there was a huge interest we lost due to the inability of management paying the outflow to GLICO. These are some of the things that have been bothering we the employees of LA Palm Beach Hotel."

Mr. Mensah complained that even though the government has given the go ahead for hospitality industries to reopen, after being closed for some time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, management has still not opened the hotel despite the many business opportunities that are hitting at their doors. Comparing that their sister hotel, Elmina Beach Hotel, has been reopened.

"Management is waiting for quarantines; these quarantines come but still they tell us there is no money. It is the second time we are having another batch of quarantines to occupy our rooms. Currently, there are 120 quarantines who have occupied our rooms but still management tells us there is no money when we go for negotiation. Even date for us to sit down and agree on something still has not come out. We are bothered and hit because even at home we have families and so many duties to take care of", he lamented, calling on the government and owners of the institution to come to their aid.

In furtherance, he disclosed  that the organization belongs to SSNIT, but SSNIT is overlooking things for the organization to go down the drain. Adding that, there are so many challenges in the institution. According to him, the hotel was initially being managed by GBH (Golden Beach Hotel) comprising of three hotels,  but was dissolved and then Legacy Group of Management were employed to take care of issues in the hotel. But they were later told their contract had been cancelled so GBH would return. To them they don't understand what is going on because when Legacy was there, though things were not good because of the last regime of GBH, and things were not managed properly for them to take over, things were picking up one after the other. But Legacy was dissolved for GBH to take over again, and since their come back nothing has been done.

He continued that GBH has been in the system for three years, and the only thing they can boast of doing is renovating one of their outlet restaurants which was even done through Internally Generated Funds. To them, things are done improperly and there are so many other things to be done.

The employees of LA Palm Beach Hotel are calling on the government and the owners of LA Palm Beach Hotel to come to the aid of the institution because it is going down gradually.

"Incompetency is killing LA Palm. Abena Pokuaa Biatey who happens to be our CEO has no managerial competence to manage the hotel. It should be given to a proper person, somebody of vision who can take LA Palm to the promise land. This current management and the entire board are not helping LA Palm. GBH should be dissolved because they have nothing good on board for LA Palm.

SSNIT wake up! Nana Addo Danquah Akufo Addo wake up! Let's help this company because this is our very sweat. We pay SSNIT, we contribute to SSNIT and therefore SSNIT has been able to establish these institutions, we cannot look at it for LA Palm to die", he exclaimed.

Concluding his speech, Mr. Mensah revealed that LA Palm, officially, had been reduced to 3-star hotel which was supposed to be 4-star hotel, but because of managerial incompetency the star had been reduced to 3-star hotel. He was of the view that it is time for Abena  Pokuaa to get out because she doesn't have anything for LA Palm.
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