Jahmoney king, the fastest dance hall upcoming artist in Ghana

Joseph Unko K.A Jnr known professionally as Jahmoney king is a Ghanaian born Raggea Dancehall singer ,song writer and actor .

Jahmoney started his music at tender age in primary art school and through entertainment he has been able to perform on many events with many African musicians.

Jahmoney king is the leader and c.e.o of Boom Nation and has won many awards due to his skillful play in football for his best known performances.

Jahmoney Music lives started at a tender age of (8) when he started singing other legends music in his parental home ,Having achieved street fan based in some parts of the county Accra -Ghana to be prescribed .(NIMA ,Newtown and Teshie .

This fan based support Pounds Jahmoney to be known by many of his released dancehall tunes such as one tym kill ,Walking dead and stay far before he was known in the music industry as Jahmoney king .

Joseph Unko K.A. Jnr known as Jahmoney king was in Ghana -Accra at the La general hospital in the La Dadekotopon municipality in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.

He was born on the 4th April 2001 from a son of a couple from Accra and the earthen region of Ghana.

His father is Bismark Acheampong Tiko (Deceased )who was businessman and mother is Alberta Ashelley Adjetey .

Jahmoney king attended Ledzokuku East Cluster Of Schools but due to singing and dancing he drop out from school at middle  school in Teshie a suburb in Accra in the Greater Accra region where he learned art in a popular drama class .

Growing up ,Jahmoney King lives with family at Akro(Ledzokuku) and later to NIMA during serious music years . As a child his father traveled with him but to return home wasn’t in the process ,back home his father died at the age when Jahmoney king was thirteen years old .

In conjunctions with man producers he linked up to one baddest and multi talented music producer and engineer B.D.S in Accra to record Com Witta Hygiene. jahmoney king has lived in almost all the ghettos in Teshie,newton and NIMA in Accra just to make earns and to survive life .

He stared living in many studios and lived in the ghettos because his parents wasn’t in support In the Music business.

There where many times were he finds it difficult where to sleep and what to eat .

He has been through many hustling in life .

jahmoney king has been with the ghettos just to be like them .

This shouldn’t be diverted in the other way round because his music always resonates With the ghetto youth and lovers .

Jahmoney king always pray to ‘Jah’ for more hope and life due to his musical ideology in which producing music most music industry players and fans gave him the name King .

His Musical carrier began at middle art school days at Ledzokuku East Cluster of schools in Teshie where he learned vocals by the school art department. Where he got the name pounds .

After middle school,he then took sometime to work on his musical talent after he branded from pounds Jahmoney to Jahmoney king .

During hustling in some ghettos in Teshie he meet one guy 7pm who also a dancehall musician but not as a profession, he hustle for life as a bus conductor from Teshie to circle and Accra central .

There he linked Jahmoney King to Akaline (Young Vendetta ) Who’s a barber and popular known as alkaline (Young Vendetta)and real name as Emmanuel Elima Aka popular known as alkaline (Young Vendetta).

This linked up happened when he saw Jahmoney king’s dancehall freestyle session in a bus they work in Accra .

Later Jahmoney king did a song with 7pm to bring out one massive afro grove jam titled celebration time which was produced by B.D.S .

The song got many Afro lovers dancing .The song which talks about how one can make more money after some hustling time to celebrate life .

In an interview with an Accra based radio station at Lashibi on the Nungua Ashaiman road with Dj Use of Ahotor in an interview ,callers bringing their suggestion on the program advocates that Jahmoney king has some good lyrics and vocals power to be called king which usually motivated him to do more Jamaican music (raggea dancehall).

Largely producing and mastering some of his songs he released one tym kill, real (life story ),
waking dead ,one man alone ,real journey,Pree fi di paper ,way up ,celebration time and com Witta Hygiene.

Gacious another wicked engineer in Ledzokuku produced his one tym favorite One Tym kill and also makers of makers music also produced (stay far )with Ziggy whiles Wastty beatz also produce (History).

He was able to work tremendously with many ragge dancehall musicians like Masaaany Mansa Musa (Dancehall Messiah ) within some years in the music scene he then released his debut album (the prophecy) under Young Vendetta with songs like life story ,one man alone ,Com Witta Hygiene,,real journey,History,Pree fi di paper ,way up and celebration.


After the released of  his debut album he got a new Manager through Alkaline (Young Vendetta )who is called Makaveli who linked up to Masaany(Mansa Musa)

Through Makaveli Records He was able to released many songs and was granted interviews in two online Tv Station (Gytv and Extel Tv).

Before the debut album he has three strong powerful  songs to his credit (One tym kill ,Walking dead and stay far featuring Ziggy Nettin production credit to B.D.S .

You can follow Jahmoney King on Facebook as Jahmoney King (Boom Nation ),On Instagram as Jahmoney King 1 ,Youtube and twitter as Jahmoney king  and On all Music digital stores as Jahmoney.







Dancehall is a genre of Music .Jahmoney king the youngest and baddest dancehall king .

Bookings :jahmoneyking1@gmail.com 0548378594.
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