Story by Abraham Joash Amaakwei Akadja

The La Daekotopong Municipal Assembly has graduated 87 people in decoration, make-up and catering at the forecourt of the LaDMA  office on Friday August 21, 2020.

The graduation took place after three weeks of training and in all, 87 people graduated in three different feilds; catering - 29, make-up - 29 and decorations - 29.

The Municipal Chief Executive (M.C.E) for LaDMA, Hon. Rev. Solomon Kotey - Niikoi in a speech said this  training was organized by the department of social welfare and community development to empower the trainees to have employable skills to enable them supplement their income or gain employment. He also added that start-up kits would be given to all graduants of the training.

The MCE, Hon. Rev. Solomon Kotey - Niikoi went onto express the assembly's and government's concern to champion the course of women in the society. He then urged them to take advantage of such opportunities to turn their fortunes around and improve on their living.

In an interview with the media,  the head of social welfare and community development, Ernestina Fati Pwamang,  said that : *"It is part of the objective of the assembly to provide skills for women within the community so that they can empower themselves, work on  their own and fend for themselves, their children and families at large."*
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