School of Hygiene students picket Sanitation Ministry over unpaid arrears.

Story by Carlos Afanou

Students from the Ghana School of Hygiene from Korle Bu, Ho, and Tamale on Monday invaded the premises of the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources demanding their unpaid training allowances due them over a period of 30 months.

Arrayed in red armbands, the students held placards with inscriptions such as “Allawa is our right as health students”, “Mr. President where is our Allawa”, and “We need our Allawa”.

 They also chanted “We need our allawa”, vowing not to leave the premises until they received their accumulated allowance.

To demonstrate their eagerness, they brought in their mattresses, clothing, and some food, to indicate their preparedness for an enduring campaign.

They accused government of deceiving them in earlier negotiations in a bid to buy some time till after the elections.
In an interview, one student said, “Are we not citizens? So why are they [government] not listening to us? We need our money, they should give it our money. If they want to kill us, we will die for them to know the extent we need our money.
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