Story by Carlos Afanou

Story by : Carlos Afanou

Residents of Oduntia were filled with great joy as they outdoored a new chief, Nii Kwei Mensah IV at Oduntia palace today, 18th August 2020.

During the outdooring, Nii Kwei Mensah swore his allegeance to Nii Kortey Note II, Ofankor Mantse. He said; “At anytime, be it night, day or dawn, I would never relent my attention to the Asre Stool, Oduntia Stool and my duties”.

 He then urged the Chiefs and Elders of Oduntia as well as residents to be United and observe all Covid - 19 protocols as election draws near.

The Sampaman Mantse, Nii Otokunor Sampa, advised the new chief of Oduntia, Nii Kwei Mensah IV, to show respect to the people who enstooled him.

He also reminded him to be mindful of women else the youth of Oduntia would be up in arms against him.

The event was graced by Nii Otokunor Sampa, Sampa Mantse; Nii Kortey Boye II, Ofankor Mantse, Chiefs and Elders of Oduntia and residents of Oduntia.
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