The United Progressive Party is a third force political party that has since its inception proved to be a force to reckon with. It has since outlined programmes and policies that will propel our country Ghana into the paradise we seek it to be. However, after listening to the Manifesto Launch of the NPP which event occurred at Capecoast on the 22nd August, 2020 in addition to all that the president and the NPP has done, it has become clearer the "Romeo and Juliet" love that the President has for Ghana.

We criticised his FSHS policy, but he has proven through his Education Minister and FSHS secretariat that for the love of the youth, handicapped, who hitherto could not access secondary education and that would have been the end of their dreams to have become what they want to be, the president and the NPP promised whatever it takes to make it happen and indeed, the President has made it happen for the ordinary Ghanaian student.

On top of that, if we heard him right, the president again has promised among other things Free Tertiary Education. Astounding! This is more than Ghanaians could ask for regardless of the cost. The implications are positively huge. That Every Ghanaian child can have access to Tertiary Education after completion of SHS is not just the greatest Social Intervention ever but the grandest in its scale of preferences. This will give the greatest relieve ever to the Ghanaian parent and no sane person will deny this.

Additionally, the government under the leaderahip of the President will also make Internet available to SHS's. Do you know what this means? This means live presentation of up to date lessons. Students will get to access audio visual resources which educationist have proved to be the best form of teaching and learning. Students can now see, hear and learn about real things and have an imagery description of what they are learning and not just theories or words to describe concepts, laboratory experiments and instruments thwy have never seen before yet they are expected to describe them.

What crowns it all is the sensitivity of the Nana-Addo led government to provide infrastructural intervention to meet all these growing needs. As the saying goes the little things matter the most thus it is the little things that the Nana-Addo led government is doing that makes Ghanaians love him more. Provision of over 17,000 various pressing infrastructure needs as promised in the NPP manifesto is not only impressive but overwhelming.

Chief Bukari Kuoru
General Secretary, UPP.
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