Story by Abraham Joash Amaakwei Akadja

The ministry of Inner - City and Zango Development, Hon. Mustapha Abdul- Hamid  has furnished an office built by the National Council of Zango Chiefs.

In a short ceremony to hand over the newly furnished office to the national council of Zango Chiefs on Wednesday 26th August, 2020, the Minister for Inner City and Zongo Development Hon. Mustapha Abdul- Hamid said that  the National Council of Zongo Chiefs appealed to the ministry that the Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services has built for them, an office and  they needed an assistance in furnishing the office in other for it to be functional.

He went on to say that, the Zongo chiefs are the major principal stakeholders when it comes to the Ministry of Inner- City and Zongo development.  That is based on a Qur'anic precept, obey Allah and obey the messenger. Obey those in authority among us.

The Zongo chiefs are those in authority among the Zongo communities and therefore this building would serve as a point of contact to discuss developments in the Zongo communities.

He also said the furnished secretariat would go a long way to make their work easier since all the National council of Zongo chiefs would be consulted for developments in Zongo.

The building consist of offices, a conference room and main hall.

The National council of Zongo chiefs promised to use the building for an educational and informational center to address the challenges in the communities. They expressed their appreciation to the ministry for such initiative.

The public relations officer (PRO) of the council, Alhaji Baba Moro Issah, on his part, said the facility would serve as an information centre for the public as well as dealing with issues about women and children.

“Minister you have made history because this is the first time there is going to be an office for zongo chiefs and we will remember you, the ministry and your government for all that you have done,” he said.

He appealed for the posting of National Service and Nation Builders Corp (NABCO) personnel to the office so that they would deal with administrative matters of the office.

He further appealed for a vehicle to facilitate the mobility of the council in reaching out to other stakeholders and chiefs across the region.
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