Story by Carlos Afanou

Tuesday, 8th September marked 2020 Media-Advocacy Workshop - Southern Zone under the theme: "Effective Public Education on Environmental Governance and Amendment of Relevant Constitutional Provisions in Relation to Anti-Corruption Laws:  The role of the Media"

This program was supervised by Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, chairman of NCCE.  In her welcoming address, she said "the topic of corruption is not new to us and for the last three and half years corruption has been a focus of a lot of our engagements that are sponsored by Euroupian Union under the Arab program".

She said "corruption, public accountability, rule of law, and how we all can attest to the fact that corruption indeed is detrimental to environmental sustainability and environmental governance, indeed the issue of climate change is one of the biggest threat to our existence as humanity here on this planet and poor environmental governance which also is affected by corruption, lack of public accountability, often result in bad policy formulation, management and enforcement of relevant laws."

 Ms. Josephine Nkrumah stated that, climate change threaten to push our planet inevitably to the brings of catastrophy and it is overriding the environmental issue of our time and we must all confront it.

"Indeed an informed citizenry must play a very active role in confronting and combating this phenomenon and bring some sanity to the environmental governance phase not only in Ghana but even as global citizens" she said.

She however added that " a collaborative effort of both state and non-state actors is key to this fight and in media we know our responsibility but this time we believe that our responsibility must go beyond reporting facts about what pertains in the environment space and must critically begin to inform the public about the danger and creating awareness among the citizenry about the crucial role they must play and urgency with which they must all tackle environmental degradation, even if we talk about corruption, I believe that if we haven't tackle the issue of environmental governance and ensuring environmental sustainability we may not be alive to tackle the issue of corruption so its intertwined and we must play a big role in ensuring that we are able to sanitize the environmental space in our nation.

She said looking at the theme around constitutional amendments and how we must also begin to address it, we are aware that when it comes to issues around constitutional amendments we have a very checked discussion about it so there are times when the discussion is really amplified and everybody is talking about it, we are talking about issues around the flaws that we perceive to be in our constitution.

 we are talking about whether we should go ahead with our constitutional reforms as was proposed under our constitutional review commission and we think its a conversation that must be sustained because the Constitution is the fundamental law of the land and if we fully believe that it is flawed then it means that there are real pertanent issues that must be addressed in order to improve and strengthen governance in our country.

Mr. Samuel Asare Akuamoah, Deputy Chairman-Operations, NCCE in his closing remarks stated that the whole idea of media advocacy workshop is not an isolated program is government of Ghana program supported by Euroupian Union.

He said "if we close from here and we are not able to see any result coming out of this meeting then we may have all cause financial lost to the state and he urge that all the strategies that has be given to us by the experts must be applied.

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