Story by Joseph A. Coffie

The celebration of national children's day takes place today 31st August, 2020 at the Gnat Hall under the theme "5 Years of Implementing the Child and Family Welfare Policy (CFWP): The Achievement,  Challenges and the way forward".

This event  has brought together so many dignitaries such as UNICEF representatives, Country Director plan international, national director of camfed Ghana, directors representatives of MDAS, representatives of development partners, representatives of NGO's and the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection.

The Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection Hon. Cynthia Mamle Morisson noted that she is very delighted to be part of this year's celebration of NCD and wish all children in Ghana a happy children's day and assure them that the country will strive hard to put in place measures that will protect them and ansure that their rights are enshrined in every sphere of their development.

According to the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, she said the "launch of the CFWP in 2015 marked a milestone in the protection of our children. This was because the policy seeks to establish a well - structured and coordinated child and family Welfare system that promotes the well-being of children, prevent abuse and protect children from harm."

She said, the overall goal of the policy is to help formulate child and family Welfare programs and activities to effectively prevent and protect children from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitatation and bridge the gap between the informal and formal ways of protecting the child.

She however noted that, the Child and Family Welfare Policy (CFWP) continues to influence the coordinator of child and family welfare issues across sector, the design and rollout of coordinating structure from the National to Sub - National level where issues concerning children are discussed and addresses in a wholistic manner.

She said to ensure that the policy was recognize as a priority by government, the CFWP incorporated into the Coordinated Program of Economic and Social Development Policies and National Development Policy Framework 2018 - 2021 which require relevant institutions to address child protection issues in their development plans. This has gone to the extent that the performance agreement of chief directors and coordinating director of the Local Government Service has child protection indicators she noted.

Hon. Cynthia Mamle Morisson went on to said that, the key area of focus in the role out this policy is changing of societal attitude towards children through effective community engagement and to ensure uniformity in message delivery on child protection across sectors, a toolkit for community engagement was developed and being implemented by stakeholders. The toolkit has been rolled out in all the 16 regions, covering 121 districts, reaching out over 2630 communities with 600 Frontline staff from Government of Ghana, NGO's and Faith Based Organisations trained in all over 1, 283, 609 audience this includes mass media channels and counting have been reached.

She said the Social drive campaign Ghana against child abuse through its social media channels, Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter have reached 14,248778 people.

She noted despite all the successes, there are still challenges in the implementation of the child and family policy. "There is an incomplete decentralization of departments responsible for the protection of children, the payment of medical examination by victims of abuse, lack of acceptance of child rights issues in our communities, lack of enforcement of laws protecting our children, among that need our attention in the next phase of implementation of this policy".

She said "as we forge ahead in the protection of our children, it is my hope that more funding will be made available for the implementation of the policy, equip our child protection officers with the requisite resources at both the national and district level".

The Hon. Minister Cynthia Mamle Morisson called on everyone to join hands to protect the children and therefore thanked the partners who always collaborate in protecting the Ghanaian child.

And finally thanked UNICEF, World Vision International and Plan Ghana for their immense support for the program.

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