Story by Abraham Joash Amaakwei Akadja

 The Doyen Institute of Intelligence and Investigators has graduated professional private investigators today September 27, 2020.

The institute took students through six weeks training in professional private Investigations, cooperate safety and security, check and safety, and many more. 

Speaking during the graduation, the principal, Mr. Dosoo Doyen tasked the graduating students to pursue integrity, follow due diligence and be professional in their duties.

He also advised the grandaunts to tackle issues when speaking to the media on happenings. He said, “ For those of you who want to be in the media talking about  security, I entreat you to tackle issues, don’t tackle personalities. Soeak on policies and laws that need to be implemented and worked on and not on individuals. If you attack individuals, you are attacking your life”. 

The principal then used the opportunity to alert citizens on a new type of car fraud. He explained that the fraudsters would advertise on an online platform to trap unsuspecting people ( buyers ) and abscond with the physical cash during the payment process.

The principal then urged the buyers of vehicles to seek help from security experts when transacting such deals.

The guest speaker, Mr. Richard Kumadoe, a Fraud and Security Analyst, explained in a Speech to the graduaunts that security is vital to national development and as security agents they need to be fair in the discharge of their duties 

The event was graced by the Coordinator of National Security for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, Mr  Robert Nti. He urged the graduating students to take up challenges where ever they are and be motivated, not through money.

After the event Ghana News Desk spoke to Mr. Kumadoe and the Principal of  Doyen Institute, Mr  George Dosoo Doyen.

Mr. Kumadoe spoke on recent happening in the Volta Region. He said, "The HSGF has developed capacity in terms of militralization, how to be offensive and how to create issues  for the national cohesion and security". He then added that, "The Intelligence  Community particularly the BNI, must wake up to their responsibility to be able to be proactive in the gathering of Intelligence to be ahead of them".

Mr. Geroge Dosoo Doyen spoke on the need for  establishment of the institute. 

He said, " As a person who worked with most security agencies in the past he realized a gap in information and  the lack of training to fit our local community hence the establishment of Doyen Institute of Intelligence and Investigation to solve that challenges.

He said that the institution runs about 18 courses and anyone can apply on their website and attended.

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