Mr. Kofi Anokye called medias for further clarification of which happened between him and the keykyere community.

    According to Mr. Anokye, is about a week ago kyekyere community make demonstration against Koans group of company that they have degrade their crops, house etc which is not true,  which we think they have two motives in their mindset.

  At first they have no right to go to police station to report the case but they did that. 

secondary, they have bad mindset to cheat people especially those went to buy land from them, they have planned this because they all new that development is getting closer to the area so they all fighting for public sympathy or to create awareness that they have land over there which is not true. Why am I saying this. The thin is the land we are working on, we took the title from High Court and Supreme Court. And this is not  only our time this is happening  it start from the olden days even by then we came in they already took their judgement but they are claiming we collaborate with the court and took the land from their site.

 They took us to Teacher Mante police station, claiming the land is for them not ours, for that matter, we have to bring our documents  which cover's the land the following day . They were also ask to bring their documents but they refused, immediately they saw our documents they started accusing the police that they don't know their job. haven't collect their money for them including Coata police so they transferred the case to Kibi police station. the money they suspected the police should take for them was the food stuffs koans destroyed  which Ipaid them personally.

Kibi police also tell us to submit our documents and we did, they were also ordered to submit theirs because they alleged so they have to prove this time around  they alleged that the land is for them but not the crops. There too they started accusing Kibi police they are not genuine police so they will proceed the case to Koforidua which is the regional police quarters They report the case to the regional Commander unfortunately the same procedure was followed .


The regional Commander pronounced his judgement, there too they started accusing the commander for that matter they would not attend the final judgement,  a day before the final judgement they rather  petition the regional security council this comprise of the regional minister (RM) , who is the chairman of the security council and also the MP, the regional police commander (RPC ),etc all the apparatus over there . This were the people who are supposed to hear the matter between koans  and Kyekyere and no other person. 

Kyekyere people was not able to attend the final judgement but rather went on to organize demonstration calling all sorts of names, accusing everybody, the judiciary, the police and the regional council whom they have charged to investigate the case for them. I don't know what have influence them to do that at all, but I think they see that they have  no land that's why. And also think that the demonstration is done on the background of criminal intent .

Through this issue, the court stopped the developer not to work on the land anymore until they have reached the final research .If so why  should that be the case to demonstrate against us, just because check and Ballance review that they have sold some of the land to some company for that matter people would be chancing them for their money and all that they can do now is to look for public sympathy which they want get because ownership of serve  land is not in dispute.

Through the research, court has confirmed that,  Koans is the owner of search kekyere land and we have been asked to go and work in peace. The embargo place of us not to work on the land has leffted so we can go on and do our legitimate work. Now what we are looking for is security, now the law is on our side, it will going to work equally.


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