Story by Abraham Joash Amaakwei Akadja

The Ghana Adventist Health Services has unveiled a 32 bed hospital in the Gbawe Municipality today  21st September, 2020. 

The hospital started as a community outreach entity in 2020 but with the collective effort of the well wishers, the hospital can boast of over 20 beds. This efforts has also resulted in making the hospital stand tall among other hospitals in the Gbawe Municipality. 

The hospital can boast of  four Medical officers, four Physician Assistants, eighty nurses and one hundred and fourty workers. Additionally, the hospital has Ultra Morden theaters with morden equipment for treatment laboratories. The hospital also has an upgraded emergency units.

Speaking during the event about the history of the hospital, Dr. S. O. T. Hammond said the hospital started as an outreach in the year 2000and later became a health facility led by Mr. Benjamin Duah in the year 2008 in a four bedroom apartment. By then the hospital has an average daily attendance of four and and operated only five days a week between the hours of 8am and 2am each day. As time passes, the Prince of Peace SDA Church hospital was granted accreditation by the NHIS ( National Health Insurance Scheme) to enable people access health care  with the NHIS cards. 

Gradually, congestion in the hospital made the administrators of the hospital at the time  to acquire a three storey building for relocation through the Accra City Conference in 2017.  This building helped the hospital attain a full hospital status in November 2019.

 Now the hospital has an Out Patient Department (O.P.D.) average attendance of 1500 with 250 in patient admissions. The staff strength is about 133 with 4 Medical officers and 76 nurses.

In a speech by the guest of honor, Dr. James Duah, he urged the staff to focus on the opportunities in every challenge they find themselves. He went on to advice the management of the hospital that nurses who join the hospital from elsewhere should have an in-service training to make them effective in the discharge of their duties.

He congratulated the nurses and staff of the SDA Gbawe for their efforts in the fight against Covid-19.

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