Story by: Joseph A. Coffie

Today, Tuesday 1st September, 2020 marked the press briefing on the CSOs Health Manifesto for Election 2020.

This event was attended by so many media houses including

During an interview with National Coordinator of  Universal Access Healthcare campaign Mr. Nii Ankonu Annorbah-Sarpai, he noted that the main reason for this manisfesto is that they have realized that over the years, the successful government have not really given health sector the  priority they deserves.

He said, "because government has not been able to fulfill their mandates specifically to the health sector, they feel that is about time that they develop a manisfesto outlining the needs, consents and key demands, asking the  government or whoever will come to power in 2021 to ensure that the health needs of Ghanaians are addressed.

He said that they want 100 percent of the consents outline in the manisfesto to be achieved, the consent related to non-communicable diseases, mental health, family planning, communicable diseases and looking at Ghana for instance we have different groups and ages of people, persons with disabilities have their own consents, persons with special needs also have their own health consent, pregnant women also with their consent, so we decided to compile the consents of all these groups and we can not say that, we want to see the needs of any groups left unattended.

He went on to say that the engagement will continue at various levels, he said "we are going to have engagement with the parliamentary candidates, there'll be engagement through various platforms with the presidential candidates if there will be some form of debate they're going to find a way of raising our consent so that when the two heavy weights or the four or five heavy weights of the various political parties meet they can be able to address some of the needs and also promised to Ghanaians that they intends to address the consent of Ghanaians concerning to their health".

Mr. Nii Ankonu Annorbah-Sarpai said they want to see increment in taxation for sugar, alcohol, tobacco, plastics and related products because they have realized that once there is an increment in prices, it usually pass on to the consumer but if we increase the taxes, it will be pass on to the health sector to improve the health sector.

According to him, "we have a lot health facilities which remain unattended to, they have not been completed, there are issues of logistical constraints and so we feel that if we increase the taxation on these products those fund can be put together to support the health sector and we can achieve the 15% we have been clamoring for from national budget for the health sector the last few years".
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