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Veronica koranteng

The New Patriotic Party Amasaman West constituency launches and swear in Campaign  Committee Members for the upcoming December 7 general election.

The event was massively attended by the party members and the following dignitaries, Electoral Area Coordinator of Amasaman Pastor William Asante, Deputy Regional Woman's Organizer Perpetual Asante, Constituency Chairman Michael Kwaku Ofori Asante, 2020 National Campaign Manager Mr. Peter Mac Manu, the first lady H. E Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo among others.

According to the member of Parliament, Amasaman West Constituency, Hon. Akwasi Afrifa Mensa, he said "Let me start by Thanking God for what he has done for us today, as Amasaman constituency launch their campaign without minority but rather majority with dignitaries who we can not uphold them which our first lady H. E. Mrs. Rebecca Akufo Addo together with Madam Elizabeth and Mac Manu come with their strength and power to help the inauguration we thank them and the old folks too, we are greatful and humble for the honour we have this afternoon".

I will take this opportunity to congratulate newly swear campaign team members and campaign adviser members and noticed them that, the work that has been given to them is not small task and not easy too, we have a constituency to deliver to".

We need to increase the presidential vote that is huge work, so we need your time, vote, car, everything you have to make this happen.

He however said that, his policy is that, when we call you one or two times you refuse to come we will push you aside and move forward he said.

The Hon. noted that "We want to win this election at all cause, all means, by every means possible. NPP members who are  present here, polling station executives, coordinators, supervisors and volunteer who did voluntary work during registration exercise if it were not you we won't get the free SHS,  God bless you all and I want to assure you that, if God willing we vote come December 7, 2020 and  Afrifa win I will never disappoint you but rather use my energy, time, even my wife and my children to serve you Amasaman constituency for that matter do not wait for Afrifa to call u before you do your work or Afrifa is going elsewhere so you  follow him",

He urge them to start work everywhere they are now and  during their work when they meet anyone who ask them what is your message, tell the person that, in Exodus 3:13 Moses ask God what should I told the Israelites he said, tell them that some eight years (8) ago, we are in darkness when Nana Addo enter Jubilee house there is no more darkness, our fellow Nurses and Teacher who do not take allowance now take, there is unemployment graduate Association of Ghana, in Akufo Addo's government, unemployment association collapsed and he brings NAPCO .

He went on to say that, If they ask you, tell them the Poors and needy ones are there but when Nana enter Jubilee house, they all have free SHS education.

We have a very good message for Ghanaians if you go out, tell them there is a named  call Hon. Akwasi Afrifa pledge that when he come to Amasaman he will develop Amasaman so that, people in there will get their improvement, through that we will get infrastructure that is school buildings and also get modern secondary School because the one here is not in our Constituency that is my big priority in terms of education, our children who  has their hands works and lack tools due to that they are selling on the street when I win as Member of Parliament, I will provide them with  materials, tools and setup capitals and this will also reduce okada riders in Amasaman constituency.

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