Story by Carlos Afanou

A Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) on Natural Resources and  Environment have called on the political parties to develop an initiative that will protect our environment in their manifestoes.

According to them, they were expecting two major political parties namely, NPP and NDC to develop an agenda that will protect the environment but none of them mentioned in their manifesto.

Analysing Political manifestoes on Natural Resources and Environment (NRE), in Accra, Daryl Bosu, Deputy Director for A Rocha Ghana said the assessment of the manifestoes have shown the trajectory of the two leading parties remains the same, despite global calls to build back better in the Covid 19.

According to him, their expectations were that, the manifestoes would promote inspirational plans that civil society, unemployed youth, rural communities and others so often excluded from any grassroots development benefits could rally behind, but such inspiration is no where to be seen.

Jonathan Gokah, Coordinator for Kasa Initiative Ghana, called on the government to completely ban mining in the forest reserves and also end illegal mining and ensure compliance to Ghana's mining laws to improve small scale mining.

He recommended some measures for the government to implement it to protect our eco system.

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