Story by Carlos Afanou

The Ministry of Roads and Highways has spearheaded the pulling down of structures on land reserved to develop an alternative road to ease the traffic congestion on the American-House-Adjiringanor road.

Mr Kwasi Amoako-Attah, the Minister of the Sector, who directed the exercise on Tuesday on a visit to inspect progress on the site, said his Ministry had given the owners of the properties five months notice to stop the construction, which was overlooked.

“And people should take a cue from this when I indicated that these two houses will go down, I was not joking and that’s why I wanted to be here myself with my team to ensure that they go down. There is too much indiscipline in our nation, people don't respect the laws of our country either because they think they are rich or something else.

“If you are rich, nobody cares how you came by your riches and it is up to you, your household and your God. Nobody should attempt that because of his wealth, he can do whatever he or she likes in this country,” he said.

“People build anywhere and anyhow. Roads are very necessary to promote the growth of this country and the very good people of this country have the right to drive on good roads and to drive without any difficulties, but with convenience. So anybody who encroaches on the road corridor, the road reservation and I want to repeat, no matter how sophisticated it is, no matter who the person is, will not stand.”

Mr Amoako-Attah said although the exercise had caused inconvenience to the property owners, the government was not going to pay compensation to them and sent a word of caution to individuals, who wrongfully acquired building permit to build on water ways and land reserves to desist from the act.

“So I can tell you no compensation has been paid for the land and it will never be paid because those people trespassed onto the land. I have always directed that the wall that has trespassed into the reservation be pulled down. I understand it is the structure of a church. I also go to church and I'm a Presbyterian. If the church is not doing the right thing, it must be pulled down,” he added.

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