June 4 uprising could reoccur if ballot 1 wins 2020 polls-Kwabena Agyei


The General Overseer of Hezekiah Prayer Ministries, Apostle Kwabena Owusu Agyei, has warned Ghana will experience the worst protests as witnessed in Nigeria should we follow in Nigeria’s example.

Although he failed to state clearly what he manet this prophecy he said Ghana has always copied from the examples of Nigeria to the point that we have a president and a vice who are from the Christian and Islamic communities.

He said just like Nigeria had their Islamic leader collapse and was admitted to a hospital, Ghana had a similar incident where Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia was also hospitalized.

He also explained Nigeria once had their president dying in office, with his five taking over

He claims if the pattern we see in Ghana does not change, then Ghanaians should prepare to witness an uprising that will shake the foundation of this country.

”God is warning us saying if in the upcoming election we follow in the Nigerian example, then we should prepare for worst things. After the election, we should be prepared for the worst things. It is an agenda from the devil to destabilize Ghana. We should allow Nigerians to follow their path so we also follow our own path.”

Ghana he said is in bondage despite the resources we have in Ghana.

He believes Ghanaians are still slaves because of the loans we have contracted over the years.

On the issue of the balloting for positions in the presidential elections, he said if the results are declared and it turns out that the positions are exactly what will reflect in the 2020 polls, then we have followed the Nigerian example. That means our democracy would be destroyed. If we don’t take, we will destroy the democratic gains made over the years.”

The Batabi church building collapse he added is a spiritual sign that what happened on June 4, 1979, could repeat itself and that is something Ghanaians must prevent through the 2020 polls.


By: Rainbowradioonline.com

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