Stop looking for lovers on the internet – Gender Minister to young girls.


Story by Carlos Afanou

Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Cynthia Mamle Morrison has advised teenage girls to avoid searching lovers on the internet.

Her comments after rampant harassment of teenage girls on the internet in recent times.

She said this during the International Day of the Girl Child. The Gender Minister, Hon. Cynthia Morrison advised the the young girls that as young girls at this tender age, especially if you are less than 18, the internet is there for you to study. Nit where you begin relationships. Now due to COVID, everyone has a phone now or is using the computer now  and even before then, that is what we used to study. Don’t let anybody bully you on phone or computer she expressed.

The Hon. Minister for Gender then expressed that teenage girls must not be swayed by people to be in a relationship at tender ages, and therefore, young ladies should stand firm and be focused on their education.

She then said, “Don't let anybody influence you, not even your friends. It is so scary, 8 years, 12 years, 14 years. If you know what sex is about, let it be in your textbook when you are matured enough and you marry, then you go and visit it. All those who will chat you and tell you they love you; it is a lie, they don’t love you. Wait, when you are matured enough, you finish school, you start your job, you can be in a relationship.”

The Minister for Gender also warned that teenagers, especially young girls to avoid visiting certain sites that expose them to harassment and stalking.

Every year on 11th October, the world celebrates the International girl child on this day to highlight  the needs and the particular problems they can face and put in efforts to correct them.

The celebration was on the theme “My voice, our equal future” this year.

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