Story by Fifelola Olayinka Michael

Breccia Ghana science to policy workshop 2020 was held at Holiday inn hotel,Accra.

Breccia is an ambitious program developing research capacity across institutions that is self- sustaining and aimed at improving food,water and security for the poorest of the society.

They shared their vision during workshop with Ghana News Desk, that's to potentially benefitting millions across the dry lands of sub Saharan Africa in other to strengthen research capacity and capabilities in institutions in three SSA countries to carry out impactful research that leads to positive policy practice change for sustainable water,food and security.

The vision is also to delivered through high level research programs that integrate across disciplines,but also the constraints and opportunities across these scales.

Tergeted research projects will be initiated under these programmes through a flexible innovation fund that will encourage collaborative work across discipline ,institutions and countries.

Member of Parliament for Buem constituency Hon.Daniel Kwesi Ashiamah. 

Said, "Institute of Our Nation Ghana need to show the way and by doing that,it'll provide Job for the students after school" most especially the flood in the north, by making sure people get enough water with adequate preservation during the dry season, through this process students will get job.

"We must push on all political platforms for Ghana to stop political manifesto" he said.

Without science we wouldn't go anywhere as a politician or as a nation..

"One district one factory" projects has been one of the outstanding establishment that's really amazed me.

The idea must be share by using bottom approach towards district assembly in investing into cocoa, cashew production and animal rearing which must be national agenda.

Dr.Yaw Atiglo from university of Ghana highlight on efficiency on food and water security, by influencing one another in other to ensure food and water security in Ghana.

He said, the only key to quality development growth is "no one should be left behind" and that has been the call for Breccia.

Currently, breccia has more than 4  running projects which are share processors,value viability, flooding assessment,rain water harvested.

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