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Mrs. Florence Ayisi Quartey, AG Director Department of Children on behalf of Hon. Minister Cynthia Namle Morrison, Ministry of Gender, Children and  Social Protection on occasion of  World Children's day expressed their gratitude for 2020 World Children's day and the 2nd sitting of the Children's Parliament.

According to her the World Children's day is celebrated on 20th November  every year  to mark the signing of the convention of the Rights of Child. The convention of the Rights of Child is an international treaty adopted by United Nations on November, 20, 1989 establishing global standards to ensure the protection, survival and development of all children, without discrimination. Ghana being the first country to ratify the treaty, pledged to protect children from economic and sexual exploitation, violence and other forms of abuse and to advance the rights of children to education, health care, and a decent standard of living.

She said, the commemoration of WCD is further to remind  government, policy makers and  stakeholders of their keys role in translating the theme into  reality, last year World's Children Day was celebrated to mark the 30th Anniversary of the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the inauguration of the National Children's Parliament.

She also said, the 2020 global theme for the  WCD is "Reimagine a Better World for Children". The reflect in Ghana's situation, a national theme: "Reimagine a Better Ghana for Children" was chosen. The main aims is to listen to the views and inputs of children on issues affecting their development and give them the opportunity to highlight solutions for consideration and action.

This year, we are in the process of submitting  Ghana's 6th and 7th Report to the UNCRC. According to the report Government and its partners have put several measures in place to improve the welfare and wellbeing of children in the country. For example, birth registration increased from 57% in 2014 to 80% in 2019. There have been significant strides in strengthening capacities in data collection, analyzing and documentation on child abuse, recovery and social integration.

She further said , Madam Speaker, effort have been under taken to reduce incidence of child marriage, female genital mutilation, child trafficking, child labour and its worst form and improve access to the general public to information on the rights of children.

More children than ever have access to free compulsory basic education and free senior high school. The government through GES introduced Child Friendly Safe-School programming aimed at making the school environment safe for children.

Health status of children also improved with more children having access to basic health service, through social protection intervention such as LEAP, Ghana School Feeding Programme more children have been supported either directly of through their guardians to move out of poverty.

Despite the success, Madam Speaker, there are still challenges facing children. The level of violence experienced on a daily basis by children is not acceptable. As Ghanaians, we need to see children as precious gift from God who need to be protected and cherished. That is why if you have not sign on yet they urge us  to join the Ghana Against Child Abuse Social Drive. We can all join hands to kick out abuse from Ghana.

In conclusion, they take his opportunity to congratulate all children in Ghana for their contribution so far in national development and the Rights of Children in Ghana. The urge all to reimagine a better Ghana for children in whatever they do. They encourage all children to be game changers in development wherever talent they find in themselves.

Happy World Children's Day to all children in Ghana,

Long live Children of Ghana,

Long live Ghana our beloved country Ghana,

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