Story by Abraham Joash Amaakwei Akadja

Conservation Alliance (CA) and it’s partner Rainforest Alliance (RA) has held a sector partnership program workshop on how to implement a Cocoa Advocacy project to enhance a better access to inputs and better practices in Ghana Cocoa Sector. 

Conservation Alliance (CA) is a non governmental organization (NGO) which is focused on enhancing livelihoods and building capacities to conserve Africa’s biodiversity.  Conservation Alliance (CA)  works with government, community groups, partners and others to ensure that beast practices are followed in the use of the countries natural resources.

 Conservation Alliance (CA) has been instrumental in Ghana’s High Forest Zones especially in the cocoa landscapes from the year 1998 with the vision of empowering communities in Africa to lead in biodiversity conservation and create opportunities for  economic growth and improved human well - being. 


The workshop was organized focus on how to share insight into research findings on what has been implemented over the past three years and also give room for strategic stakeholders to provide the legal framework guiding HHPs in Ghana and the discussion is to explore ways to scale the successes and lessons of this project.

Speaking during the workshop,  Professor Alfred Oteng Yeboah stated that pesticides use in Ghana has been an issue of great concern and therefore expressed delight to join the workshop to find solutions to the highly hazardous pesticides use in Ghana’s cocoa and Agricultural landscape.

In Ghana, 95.7 of cocoa farmers use Highly Hazardous Pesticides (HHPs) in farming and these HHPs have serious effects on Farmer that comes into contact with an HHP.


During the workshop, the Environmental Protection Agency stated that an HHP can affect a persons abdomen, scalp, genital organ and many more and therefore it’s use would endanger the lives of cocoa farmers which in turn would affect cocoa production.

The Center Research Institute of Ghana gave a way forward that there should be an improvement of the surveillance method, upscale the use of organic pesticides as well as use only safer chemicals in cocoa farms in Ghana.

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