Ghana needs to implement financing modules to develop economy - UN Deputy Secretary.


Story by Carlos Afanou

The United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Madam Amina J Mohammed has called Ghana to leverage its resources to attract private sector financing into the country.

According to her, Ghana remains one of the countries attracting additional financing in the West African sub-region.

Addressing journalists at a press briefing following a two-day tour of Ghana, Amina Mohammed recommended integrated financial modules to develop Ghana's growth.

“For all the available financing, Ghana must leverage [on] the investments that it required. For instance, in the agriculture value chain, they are many parts of that chain that needs investments which could be at the production level, market access levels etc. and if these can be packaged into pipelines of projects where investors can participate, that’s when you will begin to see investments coming in,” she recommended.

“To achieve this also, we have to de-risk the environment to enable investors to see the potential for investment. Most investors want good governance, the ease of doing business, a certain level of infrastructure and in this case, Ghana is ahead of many other countries and so has a better chance of attracting additional financing.

Madame Amina Mohammed who is also Chairperson of the UN Sustainable Development Group said despite the need for additional private financing for development, public financing still matters though it does not bring about the overall development a country requires.

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