Story by Abraham Joash Amaakwei Akadja

The Ghana Investment Promotion Center, GIPC Has begun a two day comment and textile investment meeting in Accra.

The meeting brought together organizations and investors such as the Cotton Developers Authority, Association of Garments and Apparel Manufacturers, Sleek Garments Export Limited and many more 2 discuss how to leverage the potential of the industry to lure the needed investment.

During the meeting Mr. Yoofi Grant , the Chief Executive of Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) lamented about the influx of Fake textile products on the market and said it has led to the fall in ganis exports value end a drop in employment between the year 2005 in 2016.

Mr.  Yoofi Grant also said that reforms such as introduction of tax stamp for locally manufactured and imported textiles and the introduction of single and dedicated entry of textiles help put this menace to check.

Despite all these challenges, Mr Gregory Kandoh, The president of Association of Garments and Apparel Manufacturers indicated the textile and garment industry has some strengths which would lead to greater success if properly taking care of. He cited the quick mass production of Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) for the health and education sector during the Covid-19 upsurge early this year. 

Mrs. Nora Bannerman Abbott who is the Chief Executive Officer of Sleek Garments Export Limited also indicated that the garments and textile industry would need public and private Partnership to help improve the garment and textile industry.

She also indicated that countries like China have tried that and it has worked perfectly for them and therefore Ghana needs to look at that strategy strongly.

She added that the garment and textile designers need to forget about protecting their designs and focus on building the garment and  textile By attending bigger shows where Ghana's textile would be protected.

The second day would look at the trading  Aspect of the textile industry and would have the minister for Trade and Industry Mr. John Kwadwo Kyerematen attending.

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