Story by Carlos Afanou

Opoku-Amankwa, Director General of the Ghana Education Service, during his speech said, when the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the closure of schools in March 2020, about 9.2million learners were affected. The Ministry of Education and its Agencies including the GES responded with a number of interventions including the for SHS students, Ghana Learning TV and Ghana Learning Radio both in collaboration with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation.

They have made substantial progress and have demonstrated that the Teacher is important and central in providing quality teaching and learning. Over the past several months, they have worked closely with a formidable national and international team to come up with a single platform for communication and collaboration between Schools, Teachers and parents. A learning Management System for every teacher, every student, every parent, and every school. Distance Learning made easy.

He said the Edmodo Ghana platform has a lot of rich capabilities inclusive of the following:

  .Lesson planning & delivery by teachers

  .Distance learning by students

  .Administration of assignments, quizzes & polls

  .Awarding of barges for top performing students

  .Circulation of announcements and community discussions i.e PTA interactions, National GES announcement and so on

  .Discussion and collaboration between parents and teachers while allowing for student to student, teacher to student and teacher to teacher interactions at scale.

  .As a parent we  can now for the first time in this country track our child's progress per subject anytime and anywhere

In conclusion, he said , they are confident that this giant leap to ensure that learning continue is yet again an indication of an innovative and forward looking government.

Hon.Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister for Education stated that this programme is  dear to the heart of the  ministry and the government . This programme is to aid teaching and learning online, just as it happens offline. This is a transforming government as far as education is concerned. A government that instituted the free Senior High School programme, revolutionary that make most Ghanaians believed could never happen, happened in a record time. A government that went further, apart from free Senior High School to introduce news to junior high school students preparing for their exams. It has never happened. A government that started the initiative of no tertiary student paying utility bill and topping it with the cancellation of guarantors for student loans.

He said a government that puts teachers at the centre of quality education, and has transform the teacher and his status across the world. Recently, Ghana ranked second on current countries that regard the teacher. The believe that without the teacher there cannot be quality education and the transforming process to make Ghana a learning nation, can only happen with the support of the teacher. Government can only provide the tools necessary for this to happen. 

He also said that the launching of EDMODO GHANA will serve as a platform for the parent, the teacher, the pupil, the manager , the leader, all in the education space, to have their own community as well as to link up their communities  , even covering space for the publishers and for the libraries.

He continued by saying that EDMODO GHANA is a tool that will bring classroom closer than it has ever been for all. A tool that will bring classroom to the home of the student; that puts the students at the centre of learning with all the resources available. 

They launching of EDMODO GHANA as an online portal to service all the academia from kindergarten right through the University. A place where teachers can meet with students on one on one, class by class, where students can meet students , teachers can meet teachers, parents can meet school, parents can meet students, parents can meet teachers, and rare thing that never was not possible under the click of a button.

He also said it will lead to a transformation or play a role, an essential role in the transformation of our education. And he hope we can all embrace it, he hope we can use it as we have started launching it, to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots. A common platform that truly as we say education is a leveller, a ply that is available to all for free, a platform that will let Ghana even abide by its climate stage agreement, that there will be less trees that will be felled to make paper. It will take Ghana into the 21st century, and it will make Ghana truly part of the global village, he said.

In conclusion, Hon.Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, Minister for Education is calling  both private and public, and all Ghanaians learners to participate and enjoy this platform from the government of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo

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