Story by fifelola olayinka Michael.

The Majesty, Chief (NIIMEI, NENEME, NAAMEI) of OSU Greater Accra, established his peaceful message on the 21st November 2020, when he was sharing his expectations towards the upcoming election with Ghana News Desk.

He advice Ghanaians that as we're approaching another electioneering hurdle, we must do well to choose a better leader, and good parliamentary candidates to steer the Afairs of our beloved country.

Ghana has to polls several times and peacefully, which has earned her a name the beacon of democracy in Africa and the world at large.

Per our records so far in terms of election Ghana has been to the polls 7 times and have come out successfully.

Its feather in our cup and we need to commend ourselves for this achievement.

He said "he believe this upcoming election are no different that we can go through this as one people".

Our politicians are seeking our mandate to serve the populace and the country as a whole.

For this reason, they will employ all strategies and tactics to make them win power.

In the end it is our responsibility to unite that people for a common course.

This must be our focus, those politicians must be exposed without any fear. As the traditional Authorities and fathers of the land, there are measures we are requesting all and sundry to exhibit.

In order for the country to enjoy a smooth and a peaceful election.

As a politicians, we employ you to be circumspect in your utterances, actions on political platforms.

Your aim is to unite the Nation not to divide them.

No politician should give any weapons and harmful objects to any persons to cause harm to lives and properties.

We shouldn't forget  we are one people, bounded together with a common destiny.

In the modern times and age  no leader will ask his follower to indulge themselves in violence .

In other to secure power, you do not have to kill to become parliamentarian because you'll surely give an account for you Stewardship.

In all this Electoral commission should also endeavor to be firm in it dealing as stated in the 1992 constitution mandates it to do and make sure everybody exercise his or her franchise as a citizen of Ghana.

We should ensure peaceful election during and after.

As electorate, let's be each others keeper because political parties will come and go but Ghana and our family systems will forever exist.

I also challenge the Youth to shame any politician who would like to exploits their energy to forment trouble.

You do not known that the future holds for you so do not kill yourself for someone to gain power, just examine your life and see which party has impacted your life positively and make a decision rather than replying on the false promises of some politicians with the hope of securing you a job when they win power.

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