Story by Carlos Afanou

Population census the official enumeration of all persons in a country at a specific time. The enumeration involves collecting of data compilation evaluation analysis publication and dissemination of information gathered.

History has it that, before Ghana gained independence in 1957 population census was done from the year 1890 up until the second world war which halted  population census in Ghana.

Since Ghana gained its independence in 1957, the population census records has been taken about five times in the following years; 1960, 1970, 1984, 2000 and 2010.

This year 2020 would have been the year the population census would be conducted but due to the Corona virus pandemic the population census would be conducted next year between January and June. This was made known when Ghana News Desk spoke  to Mr Eric Okarh, the monitoring and evaluation officer for the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund).

Mr. Okrah indicated that there might be a rise population figures and factors like birth, death, immigration and migration can be the cause of the rise in figures. 

He explained that there is an improvement in healthcare delivery such as immunization, maternal delivery and many more and that has  reduced the death rate in the country.

Speaking on birth, Mr Okrah said there is a reduction in birth rate but indicated that it's insignificant and therefore might cause a rise in the population figures. He also added that migration and immigration figures are the same and therefore won’t cause a reduction in the population census figures when compared to 2010 population census.

Mr Eric Okrah third during the 2010 population census details when taking manually but in 2020 it would be done electronically and would fast-track the compilation off data for the population census.

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