Election 2020: Results clearly represent the will of the electorate – IDEG, CIF


Story by Carlos Afanou

The Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG) and Civic Forum Initiative (CIF) has said the results of the just-ended December 7 polls undoubtedly expressed the will of the electorate.

According to the two civil society organisations, it is now vital for political parties to initiate a smooth dialogue over the outcome of the results.

Addressing journalists at a press briefing, a member of the CIF, Dr Angela Dwamena-Aboagye, explained, “The election results express the will of the electorate and we urge political parties to carefully exercise the new governance mandate over the next four years in order to make our democracy inclusive, more accountable and our economically stronger.”

On the post-election interaction among political parties, Dr Dwamena-Aboagye was of the view that “This dialogue must seek to decipher and clearly understand the mind of the electorate as reflected in the ‘skirt and blouse’ voting patterns we have witnessed, making meaning of it and identify how it needs to be expressed practically in governance over the period January 2021 to January 2025”.

Dr Dwamena-Aboagye added that the National Democratic Congress’ intention of going to court to contest the results of the just-ended 2020 elections is not contradictory to peaceful protests but they must first secure police protection to do so.

“It is the political and civil right of all persons to demonstrate when they disapprove about some national development. Members of political parties therefore have the right to public protests and demonstrations. They must however secure police protection and ensure that their demonstration are not infiltrated by agents of provocation who may incite acts of violence,” she added.

Executive Director of IDEG, Dr Emmanuel Akwetey, called on the Electoral Commission to hold itself accountable and respond to Ghanaians in due course over the declared results of the election.

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