Story by Carlos Afanou

 Doris Odametey-Abbey, Senior Civic Education Officer NCCE ACCRA-METRO
Senior Civic Education Officer  advised members of the public, especially the youth not to allow themselves to be used as vessels to perpetrate any form of violence, but concern themselves with the development of their communities.

She said the aim of the walk was  to enable the youth participate effectively and ethically in the electoral process.

“The overall goal of the walk is to ensure a violent free, transparent and peaceful political environment before, during and after the elections. It seeks to further increase participation in the democratic and electoral process by youth activists.”

She added that the walk was also intended to raise awareness on the role of the youth to ensure peaceful elections, increase commitment by political party youth activists to tolerance and peaceful coexistence among others.

She noted that the growing youth population in the country made it important to instill the values of peace, equity and freedom, especially pertaining to democratic practices, adding that young people were innovative and had the power to be positive change agents in the country.

“I urge the youth of Ghana to rise up and devote their strength, influence and power to support the campaign for peace building. The youth should be agents of positive change in their communities,” She said.

She said instead of politicians engaging young people as conduits of violence, it was rather beneficial for them to engage the youth in productive ventures to enable them contribute to development programmes for conflict free environment.

This, the Director noted would enable the youth to realise their full potentials and contribute significantly to nation building.

“As young people, we must remember we have a great future ahead of us, and posterity will never forgive us if we allow ourselves to be used to cause conflict before, during and after the elections,” she  advised.

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