Story by Carlos Afanou

The Network of Associations of Registered Non-governmental organisations (NARNGO), said it will engage religious leaders and interest groups to help create business ventures to reduce unemployment in the country.


The Association said religious bodies constituted key institutions that could help realise the developmental aspirations of government.

Dr Kofi Lucas, Chairman of the Strategic Consortium, an NGO, at a workshop in Accra, said there was the need to aggressively promote closer partnership in practical terms between government and the corporate church to complement the work of government.



The discussion was on the topic: "Venturing into Agriculture and Industries, creating massive jobs for our teeming jobless youth in the church as well as wealth for the investors and feeding the needy in the communities in the Covid-19 era - A challenge to the Religious and Interest group leaders."

Dr Lucas said the partnership would help in the implementation of government's coordinated programme of economic and social development policies to create jobs and prosperity for all.

He said NARNGO had the capacity and strategy to organise the religious leaders and interest groups to bring on board at least three million members who would be seen as potential investors.

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